Where & what to do in Rishikesh
Rafting in Ganga
Rafting in Ganga  Ganga has tremendous flow here. The rapids thus formed provides a good setting for rafting
Local Tip  You can try other water based adventure activities like kayaking, tubing, cliff jumping and body surfing too
Aarti at the Ghats
Aarti at the Ghats  Evening aarti at Ganga at the ghats here are considered extremely sacred. You have to experience it to understand the sanctity
Local Tip  Check out the timings before hand, they vary a lot
Early morning yoga at Yoga Vini
Early morning yoga at Yoga Vini  One of the finest yoga center in Rishikesh, the Drop-in classes here are an excellent mean to understand the concepts and postures.
Local Tip  It operates in 3 batches - 9 AM, 12.30 PM & 4 PM. The first one especially is very crowded
Bungy Jumping and Flying Fox
Bungy Jumping and Flying Fox  Rishikesh has India's best Bungy Jumping facility. At a significant height, this really pumps up your adrenaline
Local Tip  Book your tickets well in advance as it's extremely popular
Rent a bike and go exploring
Rent a bike and go exploring  Rent a motorbike & go exploring Rishikesh. Get some photos in psychedelic mood at the Beatles Ashram
Local Tip  Beware of the occasionally massive Traffic Jams there
Hike to Neer Garh waterfall for sunrise
Hike to Neer Garh waterfall for sunrise  Star your hike to Neer garh waterfall early morning and reach there by sunrise to do a 'Surya namaskar'
Local Tip  You can use a two wheeler to shorten the trek.
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