Where & what to see in McLeodganj
Namgyal Monastery
Namgyal Monastery
This monastery is in the Tsuglagkhang complex, and features a very rich sense of Tibetan culture
Local Tip  Early morning is a good time to go when the monks pray together
Bhagsu Waterfall
Bhagsu Waterfall
Being at a walking distance from McLeodganj, one can find lush green alpine trees on both sides on the way to there
Local Tip  Go to nearby Shiva's cafe for a great view!
Tsuglagkhang complex
Tsuglagkhang complex
Being the official residence of the Dalai Lama, it has international prominence. The complex also has a museum & Namgyal Monastery
Local Tip  There are placards around describing the tension between Tibet & China in details. Read them!
Bhagsunag Temple
Bhagsunag Temple
Bhagsunag Temple is near Bhagsu Waterfall. This temple has a hot water spring which is avalaible for public use
Local Tip  Please pay respect to the temple and other people around you while taking a dip in the spring
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