Where & what to do in Kasol
Morning/Evening walk along Parvati
Morning/Evening walk along Parvati  Take a slow stroll along the Parvati River to enjoy the serenity.
Local Tip  Walk from Kasol towards Manikaran to enter a very pretty village, Chojj, by crossing the river at the first bridge
Hang out in the Cafés
Hang out in the Cafés  Eat, Chill and Hangout in the super friendly Cafés
Local Tip  Don't rush here, cafés are meant to relax. Best way to enjoy is to relax.
Sip some local tea
Sip some local tea  Try some local tea and sip slowly for a timeless feeling
Local Tip  Have cup of tea early in the morning to understand why tea is so important part of Himachal culture.
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